How to pick a wooden log house

Properly erected walls of a wooden house should not let drafts and dampness into the interior. For this, the gaps between the logs must be regularly caulk. And it doesn’t matter what you have: a bathhouse or a barn, – any log house must be renewed annually. Because if the walls do not compact, then this will affect not only the comfort of people inside, but also on the reliability of the structure itself.

Wall compaction rules

Despite the fact that such work is considered easy, it is necessary to heated, be sure to adhere to some rules:

You can not heated a log house in the first year after its assembly. After all, there is also a shrinkage of the house;

It is necessary to start compressing the cracks from the lower crown, gradually rising

All seams are heated in turn. First, they process one (both outside the building and from the inside), and only then move on to the next.

Specialists do not recommend processing each wall separately. In this case, the log house may skew over time. The vertical stability of the wall can be violated if the entire log house is picked up first, and then from the inside.

How to hemp the gaps

For compaction of the log house most often use moss, dad or flaxjuet fiber. Modern experts for the same purposes sometimes use mounting foam or silicone sealants. But this is not the best choice. Since such tools are not intended for compaction, but for sealing joints.

At the beginning of the work, it is necessary to remove the seal that has become unusable and carefully clean all the cracks. Then the intervals between logs are filled with a new seal. It is necessary to fill it as tight as possible. Typically, a construction spatula is used for this. After compaging the first layer, it is sometimes necessary to lay the second.