How to organize the repair of your apartment abroad correctly?

Very often we have to buy an apartment far from in the form in which we would like. Those who decide to buy real estate in Thailand are often faced with this, in one of his condominimums. Sometimes a low price seduces us, sometimes a close location to the sea. But if the apartment has already become yours, why don’t you make a thorough repair here, turning it into the most comfortable nest, which you have long dreamed of, which is also located in a year -round resort?

But be prepared for the fact that the rules of repair in this country may not quite coincide with those that you are used to at home. Consider at least the fact that in some condominimums it is impossible to repair in certain months of the year.

Some tips for those who decide to do repair

As for the construction process itself, if you want to save yourself from a constant headache, experienced experts advise:

1. Be sure to hire a professional foreman for this work, financially interested in the successful completion of the project. Knowing the language, he will be able to actively manage the employees, responsible for all the work performed.

2. Find yourself another housing for the duration of the repair work. Start living in an apartment, surrounded by noise, dust and strangers, is not the best way to get used to new housing.

3. Try to invest more in those work that will definitely have a residual cost. In particular, this applies to well -built kitchen and bathroom.

What should not be forgotten?

Remember about the hot climate of this country. Do not make all decorative elements from wood. They will have to process too hard to process too hard, the wood in this country is too expensive and in hot climate it quickly loses its presentation.

And one more advice – after you decide to buy an apartment of Pattai, you should not turn it into the most exquisite apartments for the entire condominum. Try not to stand out and match the situation in which you live.