How to make your home alive?

Sometimes people are so tired of daytime stress that, even returning, they cannot relax home. A sense of discomfort in your own home, this is not necessarily a reason in the person himself. Perhaps the whole thing is in the wrong surrounding space. To change the atmosphere of the house, just listen to desires and decide on changes.

Many have a habit of not throwing anything away and keep all the houses. But the accumulation of unnecessary things interferes with the circulation of energy. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to throw out useless trash, and all that remains to lay out in their places.

The mood of a person and his spiritual state depend on how furniture is located. For example, a large closet in the room will suppress. No need to make the kitchen with furniture – it will prevent you from focusing on food. When choosing a place for the bed, it is better to put her head to the north or east. Do not hang the mirror in front of the front door: it seems to push out good energy from the house.

Flowers and in general all plants not only delight the eyes, but also purify the air and regulate its humidity. Free flowers prompt life. It’s good when green plants stand in the corners and close the ledges of the walls. They also remove the negative, which comes from depressive people and people with poor energy. There will be no bouquet of fresh flowers, it brings a sense of joy and life.

Bright light in the house gives strength, increases mood and mental activity, eliminates depression and favorably affects sleep. Each room needs a certain amount of light. For example, in the children’s, living room and kitchen should be light. In the bedrooms and the bathroom, bright light is not required. Artificial lighting must be planned in certain places.

Daylight illuminates all rooms and lamps can be adapted in those places where it is light in daylight, while it is better to use daylight lamps. Darkness is also necessary, because you sometimes get tired of light. Highly bright lighting, can cause irritability and headache.

Everyone knows that the color of the walls in the room greatly affects the internal state. Someone likes light colors, someone loves dark. Warm colors are more suitable for the kitchen. For the office, the shades of yellow, it helps to concentrate. Cold shades should be present in the bedroom and the bathroom. The colors of the Earth give feelings of security and safety, but only in limited quantities, otherwise a feeling of comfort will leave the house.