How to make repairs in a new building with your own hands

Thanks to new construction technologies, most owners purchase apartments almost without any decoration. Sometimes there are not even partitions in the dwelling, everything needs to be done from scratch. For many, this is a big plus: firstly, the cost of an apartment in the residential complex of Tsaritsyno or another complex is significantly lower, and secondly, you yourself can draw up a plan of your housing, purchase suitable building materials or just agree with the contractor who will do all the work.

Pros and cons of independent repair

The main plus is in saving funds. In addition to buying building materials and tools for work, you will not have to spend more. If you have the experience of such work, you can perform all operations without any hack (after all, you have to work for yourself) and in those terms that you are completely satisfied with.

The minus is obvious to those owners who are not particularly versed in building methods. Everything will have to be studied on the go, and in the end, the quality of the repair can clearly limp. In addition, such a “self-building” will probably be delayed for more than one month, but you need to live somewhere.

How do independent repairs begin

The procedure for repairs in a new building almost completely coincides with the overhaul, which any apartment “worries” from time to time. List its main stages.

You have to deal with a redevelopment. This work is dirty and dusty, but in the end you will get exactly the space that is suitable for you. You can divide the apartment into the right number of rooms or arrange it in a spacious studio – the choice is yours.

Having removed all the garbage, they start screeding floors, laying electrical wiring and other engineering communications.

Black decoration of walls and floor is performed. This includes putty and plastering.

Start finishing. The walls are painted, covered with wallpaper, put tiles, etc. D.

Many new buildings in Moscow offer apartments with full decoration. Perhaps this option is more suitable for you if you want to avoid the trouble associated with the repair.