How to make lambrequin with your own hands

To give the interior completeness, it is necessary to choose the right curtains. Decorating element, curtains are lambrequin. It can be used to hide part of the cornice, giving an exclusivity and individuality window. The appearance of the lambrequin entirely depends on the texture of the fabric and the style of the curtains from which they are made, shapes of the window and taste of the hostess.

To make lambrequin, it is necessary to take the following steps: calculate the dimensions of the future lambrequin, which should be 1/6 of the length of the curtain. Having cut out a sample out of paper, you need to try on it to the window and see how it looks. Then, stripes should be cut approximately equal to the height of the lambrequin, but 20 centimeters more. Next, it is necessary to grind the stripes to the required length and bewildered. Then you need to cut off the lining 4 cm shorter and 8 cm already sew the lambrequin similarly to the curtain. To decorate, sew a drapery and simple braid. To hang a lambrequin, you should first tighten to the desired length with a braid and tighten the cords, and then, putting it on hooks, hang it on a curtain. For the manufacture of a lambrequin with a beautiful frill, a strip of 15 cm wide and 6 cm with a lambrequin width should be cut. The length of the strip should be cut more than the lambrequin by approximately 2.5 times. Next, you should put the bandage strip in half and flash down the front side, and then turn out and iron. Then you need to attach a frill to the lambrequin, collect it to its size and sew it.

If necessary, lining, it should be attached to the front side, sewed around the perimeter and then turn out. After that, everything needs to be stitched and sewn the holes through which the product was twisted. When hanging curtains, you should be careful, because you can damage your flowers on the windowsill.