How to make an interior partition

The installation of an interior partition must start with the marking of the room, determining in parallel the place designed to arrange the dividing wall. Applying the string, it is necessary for yourself to mark the axis of the future partition and the place where the door box will be located. After using the string, a painting lace and plumb line, the data was transferred to the place where the partition will be located in the future, you can proceed to the next stage.

Every master knows how to make an interior partition, and if you ask what will be the next step (after marking the room), then he will answer – a correctly constructed frame, from the many varieties of which you can recommend a metallic.

Next, guide profiles are installed, which is necessary in the area of ​​their contact with the floor and ceiling using a self -adhesive tape (this will help to increase the level of sound insulation). Vertical profiles are installed in the same way.

After the installation of profiles, we provide a place for the doorway, which can be presented in a wide variety of configurations, for example, in the form of an arch, sliding doors, etc. If the master is sure that the metal frame is installed firmly, then it can begin attaching whole sheets to the frame, and the remaining space should march with a roulette, a special knife, part of the metal profile and “sheathe” with a piece of drywall. Before proceeding to the skin, the necessary wires (telephone, Internet, electrical wiring, etc. should be drawn through the wall. D.).

Above, we examined the stages of how to make an interior partition on our own, and now it is necessary to start the finish, when with the help of putty it levels the surface of the installed wall, after which dries, it is necessary to clean each section of the structure with sandpaper. If in the future the walls should be painted with paint or covered with glass, then they should be thoroughly sanded to an impeccable state.