How to make an extension to the house yourself: what to take into account

In order to supplement the house with an extension, you need to try very hard. In the event that you just build a brick wall, as well as in a short time, weave it with roofing material, then nothing good, as a result, you will not get. In the future, this structure cannot be used even to store building materials. In the winter, everything that was in this structure will freely freeze, and in the spring – moisture will fall on it. For this reason, the construction of an additional structure must be taken responsibly in order not to do all the work in the future again.

An ordinary box is not suitable for you, built of brick, not lined with special materials. You must form the floor so that in the cold season you can move without problems on it. Drywall is perfect for the ceiling. In addition, it is necessary to install a normal door structure, as well as partitions if they are required. So, using a partition from drywall, you can separate the room. Then you can use one of the rooms received under the gazebo or an additional corridor. It must be used in it warmer flooring.

In order for the walls in the cold season, the walls do not begin to crack, it is necessary to pay special attention to the construction of the foundation. Otherwise, in the future you will have quite serious problems. So, the walls can move away or cracks can go along them. During the construction of the foundation, you need to use separate parts of the pile. This will make it possible to make the structure more reliable, and will also increase the stability of the structure to mechanical loads. Thus, the construction of the extension is a responsible event that needs to be paid special attention.