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How to make a glass partition with your own hands

Glass as an independent version occupies a rather serious place in our lives. There are a lot of possibilities for using it. You can make glass doors, shelves, floor or ceiling, windows, furniture, etc. P. The use of innovative solutions and technologies allows you to achieve high quality of the final product. The glass workshop is ready to provide professional assistance for the implementation of your ideas in life. The proposed conditions of cooperation will please everyone without exception.

Production of partitions

All -glass partitions are made of hardened glass or triplex. They are a non -abramal structure. Partitions effectively divide the existing space into separate zones. Quite often they are used in office premises or shopping centers. The appearance is very stylish and respectable. They are mounted using special fasteners. At any time you can move them to another place. The installation time is occupied by a minimum amount.

Glass shower partitions in our workshop can also be ordered. They have several advantages:

save space;

have a stylish and rich appearance;

ease of use;

Durable and safe.

Glass for their manufacture can be chosen the following type: matte, transparent, color or artistic. Various decorative elements and drawings can be applied to it. The bathroom will become more attractive with such an attribute.

Verified partner

Steklo4Profi workshop has established itself as a reliable partner for its customers. Not only private individuals, but also large companies, state institutions collaborate with us. The presence of professional equipment and high -level specialists is obtained to achieve really high results. On our site you can get acquainted with the whole list of works that are ready to perform at any time. It will also be possible to view all implemented projects. Photos are relevant.

In the review section, be sure to read the opinions of our customers. You can personally call them and make sure of the veracity of their words. Many years of experience with glass allows us to realize almost all your ideas. Gives the arguments in our direction a lot. It is better to place an order for a glass product once once. Each client will receive a high -level service. Prices for services will pleasantly surprise. Source: glass mirror workshop – Steklo4Profi.