How to make a continuous eyeliner of a wall foundation

With a continuous eyeliner of the wall foundation, individual pillars according to the compiled schedule of the priority of the eyeliner work are carried out for the first stage all the necessary preliminary work. The depth of mines for each eyeliner stage should be made differently within at least 0.10 z, so that after the eyeliner part of the foundations of the first stage, there is no bulging of the soil into the neighboring mines of the next stage. The number of queues should be at least five. With a smaller number of queues, a significant part of the load from the structure at the time of passing the mines of the second stage will be transferred to fresh pillars of the first stage and you will be sedimated.

The priority should be scheduled so that the second stage of the eyeliner would be next to the first burst, because with any thorough work of the work always around the passed shaft even

The first stage is violated by the structure of the soil; And if the second phase of the eyeliner is located in the middle parts between the first bursts, it may turn out to be when driving the second -stage mines that ground layers between the first, passed and concreted burst and a passing shaft of the second stage are so so frugged (from two sides) are loosened. will not be able to carry the load that is coming to them.

If the depth of the mines should be lower than the horizon of groundwater, then before stopping at this eyeliner technique, the possibility of draining this site should be first clarified. Drinking the site is carried out mainly by artificial decrease in the horizon of groundwater. The use of water polling from wells is not recommended to avoid the removal of soil particles, which can reach large sizes and cause cracks not only in the updated foundation, building, but also near the located buildings and in the collectors of the underground farm.

466 shows the mounting of the walls of the mines with dimensions up to 1.5 x 1>5 m of boards having a comb and grooves in their ends. When driving shafts with dimensions of more than 1.5 x 2.0 m, the same mount should be used, but with executions. 479 shows the type of such mount.

To fill out individual mines, you can recommend a button from a rapidly setting cement.

A height of 0.5 m is approximate, and each time when designing it is necessary to provide such a height that it is practically possible to jam this jamming under the entire area of ​​the sole of the existing wall.