How to lay the carpet and which glue to use?

How to lay a carpet? To lay the carpet, you need to know the technology of the whole process. First, you need to lay the substrate under the covering coating to get good insulation and high -quality sound insulation.

If you want to lay the carpet on the parquet, remember: it can scratch a wooden coating without a substrate.

If you were recommended to stop on gluing this product without a connection, then expand the coating and trim it. Further, the carpet can be bent to apply glue directly to the floor. This process can be carried out using a spatula.

Carpet adhesive is a binding sticky substance for fixing woven or tafing textile coatings of carpet. Carpet glue is a water -soluble mixture, thanks to this, the remaining glue can easily be washed after dismantling the coating, for example with ceramic tiles. Carpet adhesive sell varying degrees of complete drying speed. This indicator is the main thing when choosing glue, since the convenience of working with it depends on it. The rapidly drying glue for carpets threatens that not only the carpet will glue, but also freeze on it and on the basis. Carpet glue, slowly drying, can simply sery through the thickness of the carpet and ruin its surface.

Therefore, the most optimal option when choosing is glue with an average drying rate. Sometimes, by saving means for laying, carpet can be glued partially or glue it exclusively joints. Glue for carpet – the price will pleasantly surprise you.

It should be noted that the premises having an area up to 25 m. sq. can be simply covered with carpet without applying glue. It will be enough to grab joints with double -sided tape and press the carpet with a skirting booth. You can buy glue for carpet from 7 kilograms to 50. Of course, the greater the packaging of glue for kavrolin, the more you save your means. Carpet is consumed for one square meter in an amount of 0.25 to 0.5 kilograms. Glue consumption, of course, depends on the type of carpet, as well as the degree of irregularity of the floor.

Carpet will create comfortable and beautiful floors in your house. After all, a large selection of colors and textures of the carpet allows you to equip the most suitable design and fashion floor in any room, both in the bedroom and in the kitchen…It is soft and warm and absorbs noise.

And interesting and favorable combinations of burgundy wallpaper with blue carpet, emphasize the uniqueness of your home.