How to knead the gap in the ceiling correctly

Before decorating the ceiling surface, you need to eliminate irregularities and cracks. Pieces of old plaster are beaten with a hammer and scratch the cracks with a scraper or spatula. The damaged area must be cleaned with a brush, after which the cracks should be moistened with water.

To fill the cracks, use a solution with a consistency, identical plaster. It includes lime gruel diluted with water. Then add sand so that the mass becomes thicker. If the solution is prepared from bastard lime, the procedure is required to change. Mix lime with sand and add water. The solution dries very quickly, so it must be immediately consumed.

When putting cracks in cracks, transverse movements are performed, and then with putty material are passed along the crack. After drying the composition, the processed area is cleaned with a pumice or skin. The renovated surface should not go beyond the plane of the ceiling.

If the cracks are formed at the joints of the ceiling and walls, only putty work alone will be enough. A strip of bandage is glued to the damaged area to strengthen the surface. You can also use a sickle with a sticky layer.

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