How to insulate the garage

Reduce the costs of heating the garage and make it as comfortable as possible for being in it in winter allows the insulation of this structure. Excellent insulation material for these purposes will be glass wool, polystyrene or polystyrene foam. Mineral wool in the garage most often insulate the ceiling. Foam is used to warm the walls and covered with plaster.

When warming the ceiling or roof, the crate is first made from the inside and mineral wool is attached to it in an even layer. If the ceiling is made of wood, then this process will not take much time and will not cause complications. A vapor barrier of plastic film is attached to a layer of cotton wool, which is pulled throughout the ceiling. Then proceed to the sheathing of the ceiling. You can use various materials for this, but in most cases, wooden slabs and plastic are used.

However, no insulation will help if the garage gates are made of sheets of iron or other unsplified material. Therefore, first of all, you should think about the option of warm and reliable gates. If you keep up with the times, it is best to buy garage gates of sectional or rolled type. Convenient management, excellent strength characteristics and beautiful modern appearance will make the owner look at his garage in a new way.

If the overlap of the roof of the garage is reinforced concrete, then insulation is carried out outside. In this case, it is better to use foam slabs that are laid on a concrete slab. Foam is covered with a layer of roofing material or a baked film. They make a plaster screed on top.

For a brick garage, external wall insulation is carried out. The greatest effect can be achieved by plastering of brick walls, on which foam is attached with a thickness of 20 to 50 mm. On top, the garage walls can be plastered or sheathed with lining.

When, for some reason, the owner is not going to install new gates, the old ones should be insulated. Since the garage gates cannot be drilled, the foam is planted from the inside. Wooden or plastic panels are attached on top of foam, which will improve the appearance of the gate.