How to install plumbing

Nowadays, the mandatory plumbing in the bathroom is a sink, bath, shower, toilet. This set is enough, but you need to make sure that these devices are connected to the pipes hidden in the wall before they are closed with tiles.

If a washroom with a bathroom or shower, you need to provide a drainage sewer. These are siphons of the bathroom or shower, and in some cases – the drain in the floor. In large bathrooms, it is advisable to arrange a second drain in the floor. This is done on the other side of the bathroom and contributes to a more reliable support for drainage.

As for showers, modern models do not require draining water directly to the floor. The drain is connected directly to the catwalk of the cabin and the water goes through a separate pipe. High-quality pipes for sewage can be bought at OM-TS website. , where you can also purchase a MZV gate valves and other pipeline reinforcement.

Separate mixers for a simple shower must be placed 1.0 m from the floor, or 0.8 m from the edge of the bath. The brackets for watering can be attached to the wall, at a comfortable height, respectively, the growth of a person in the bathroom.

In order to properly organize the bathroom, during the repair you should replace the wiring.

Among the obligatory conditions that should be provided before the installation of sanitary devices, it is considered the possibility of cleaning plumbing. Often, during repair in open pipes, many dust and larger particles accumulate, which cause problems. They can cause more serious problems in the future. Their timely removal will save you from large blockages and the bay of your neighbors.