How to independently eliminate the blockage in the sink

Blocking in a sink or bathroom is a fairly frequent phenomenon. Sometimes even plumbing or all kinds of chemical means cannot cope with them in such a case. Plumbers, as a rule, disconnect only the base of the pipe and clean the main sewer move, although the matter is not at all stagnant on the lower floors or somewhere in the middle of the riser. It’s all about a siphon and a corrugated pipe, which forms a knee to maintain water in a pipe.

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On its walls, it is very easy to settled with the remains of fat, soap and various detergents of dishes that we use. And if these stagnaries do not clean, then you can get more ambitious problems. For cleaning, it is enough to disconnect from the sink and base of the sewer pipe the structure of the knee with a siphon. All this needs to be disassembled and given a direct shape.

The plastic pipe can be cleaned with boiling water, closing both ends with polyethylene and shake. Repeat these actions is better several times. Or rinse under a large pressure from a watering hose. It just knocks out all the substance settled on the walls. After stripping and drying, the whole structure is assembled again and fixed under the sink or bathroom.