How to glaze the balcony correctly

When planning a glazing of your balcony, you should decide what kind of glazing it will be, and for what purpose it will be produced. There are a lot of materials from which the frames can be made – from elementary iron to plastic. The most beautiful method of glazing is non -ramal, but it will significantly “hit” the customer’s wallet. The cheapest way is from iron frames, but in this case, the condition of the balcony should be examined. Do not forget that iron is a very heavy material. It is best to invite specialists, but if you decide to work independently, you need to know some nuances.

Basic principles of installation of window frames.

If a decision is made to glance the balcony yourself, then you need to decide on the place where the frames will stand and in general, what type it will be: ordinary or panoramic glazing of balconies. It is necessary to conduct accurate measurements. The most optimal frame width is 70 cm. This size allows you to conveniently carry out windows. Window sash is recommended to be made inward. This will prevent the fight of windows in strong winds. When the window frames are ready, you can take them for their installation. It is better to do it together. It is important to install evenly, without distortions. Can be fixed by the frames both with self -tapping screws and brackets. If necessary, you can use even nails. Do not forget about the trump card, which is installed in the upper part of the window frames. Only after these work can begin the process of glazing.

The process of glazing.

It is best to put glass on a sealant or window putty. It is both high quality and reliable. After that, it is necessary to fix the glass with stacks. There are options when the glass is compacted with rubber. These actions will make the banters motionless, and the balcony is warmer. After inserting windows, the sash should be installed in the right place and proceed to sealing. Of course, this work is more convenient and faster to carry out together.

The process of glazing the balcony is not complicated, but quite scrupulous. It can be carried out independently only if there is complete confidence in your abilities and knowledge. Otherwise, it is better to invite specialists who will work promptly and high quality. In addition, firms give a guarantee for their product, and highly professional experts will tell you such things that can significantly affect the long -term operation of the balcony. The choice of material and type of glazing, of course, remains behind the client.