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How to get rid of many small cracks

Starting repair and removing old wallpaper from the walls and ceiling, you can notice the cracks that have appeared. The question arises of how you can get rid of such a trouble, since it is impossible to close your eyes on it. If this is done, then at the end of the repair it will be noticeable that it is not made high quality. The problem of existing cracks can be solved using Serpyanka. It is often used to glue cracks on the surface. Serpyanka is available in the form of a grid and a construction bandage, the width of which, as a rule, up to 6 cm. It is glued without difficulty using PVA glue or simple putty. What type of Serpi is used, you can determine what the finish will be. It can be pasting the surface with wallpaper or coloring, but for these two types of finishes, preliminary preparation of the wall will differ.

Typically, the surface always has many small cracks, which can not be paid attention to provided that the wall will be pasted over with wallpaper. If the cracks are larger, for example, joints in drywall or concrete slabs should be worked out and glued with a sickle. There are also jumpers above the doors in the partition, which also need to be glued, and if you have vestibule metal doors, then you do not need to touch the jumpers. You can use a sickle grid, it has a self -adhesive base. Before gluing a grid, the hollows on the surface are hungry and putty.

In order to avoid cracks on the future painted surface, the Serpi is glued to the ceiling with the walls. If you can not pay attention to microcracks when the surface is covered with wallpaper, then when painting it is important to devote time to even these insignificant defects. Therefore, the Serpyanka is glued to the entire surface where the color is planned. It is very convenient when the Serpyanka is glued with a putty. But if the gap has good size, the Serpyanka will not hide them, and over time they will appear even through the grid.