How to get a certificate for wallpaper: what you need to know

The finishing material that is used to decorate the walls and any ceilings of residential and office premises, and standardly produced in rolls, is called wallpaper. The use of wallpaper is not limited only by aesthetic need, they can often also perform a sound -absorbing function or is used for visual increase in the volume and illumination of the premises.

Until the mid -eighteenth century, tissue species were used to lush walls and ceilings, and leather wallpaper had great popularity in the Baroque era. The modern building materials market offers us the following varieties: paper, vinyl, textile wallpaper, non -woven (now at the peak of popularity), liquid, glass wallpaper, murals of various sizes, wallpaper for further painting.

The wallpaper certificate is an official document that unequivocally confirms that the product satisfies the standards of quality and environmental safety prescribed in the GOST, technical conditions and other regulatory documents.

For all groups of wallpaper, a declaration of conformity must be obtained without fail.

For some types of wallpaper, the declaration of conformity is recorded in accordance with the standards in the field of fire safety (for example, from textile materials and fiberglass). It is allowed to draw up a fire certificate for wallpaper in the Ministry of Emergencies or in other accredited structures.

Also, the manufacturer also has the right to receive a voluntary certificate for compliance with the standards that he will determine. A voluntary wallpaper certificate can be released exclusively on the initiative of the importer/manufacturer. The presence of such a document is considered another actual confirmation of quality and complete safety, manufactured products.

It is very simple to get a certificate for the wallpaper on your own, it is enough to apply to a set of prepared documents, which includes a testing protocol, constituent documents, fire safety certificate and other required documents in the accredited certification center. Although, for an unfinished person or young organization, the design of a certificate of conformity can result in a fairly laborious lesson, which will take a lot of precious time and effort, all the more impliling certain cash costs. In order to make life easier to contact specialists (experts) to the certification center.