How to equip proper lighting in the house

You decided to choose lighting to equip your new house or repair the old? Sometimes it really can be stress, because there are too many questions, and there are too few answers.

Given that everyone counts on their taste, their own budget, interior features, here are some tips:

General formula for lighting

How much light is required to light the room well?

Indeed, there is a proven formula in practice, which shows the amount of light necessary for normal lighting in the room: you need to multiply the width by the length of the room, and then by 15, for example. 3.5 × 4.2 × 15. This means that you will need about 220 watts to ensure normal lighting. For example, a chandelier with four 60-watt lamps will provide as much light as necessary to light such a room.

If the room needs more intense light, for example, to illuminate the kitchen, then everything is multiplied by 25. This rule is valid for any room in your home.

Dining room

How to determine what a chandelier should be in the dining room?

In this case, you should be guided by the size of the table, and the diameter of the chandelier should be approximately equal to half the width of the countertop. If your chandelier is too bright, and you want to arrange a romantic dinner, then use a dimmer that regulates lighting power and create the right atmosphere. Your child wants to do homework on the table in the dining room? Just add light with a dimmer.