How to equip living space in the attic

If you have a house with a gable roof (the most common type), then the creation of the attic can assume several options. One way or another, it will be necessary to use some kind of finish for the room, but how to constructively arrange the finishes (giplines or lining) depends on your preferences. The easiest option is the lining in the shape of the roof, that is, the canvases are installed exactly on the surface of the rafters and the room acquires a look with a sharp ceiling. This is not the most aesthetically valuable option, and a significant part of the heat will accumulate in the upper part of the ceiling, which is practically not used.

In the following version of the design, ceilings are installed almost under the very ceiling and from the sides. Thus, the room acquires a more indoor look, but it still looks unsightly. The most radical option is the creation of the indicated floors and the installation of walls that make the room rectangular, that is, such as simple rooms, without mowed walls. Although in this embodiment an affordable space is significantly reduced, even forms allow you to make a more or less familiar interior. In any case, the liquidation of the organization is or the creation of the attic is always possible to find the most acceptable option that combines the advantages of extremes. Regarding the attics, this option is to leave small bevels on the walls, in order to create a completely convenient shape of the space and not make the room excessively small.

In this version, you need to find something intermediate between the installation of the ceilings under the very ceiling and from the very sides of the walls and rectangular alignment of the attic with ceilings. This is the most common way to create an attic, although if the room is quite spacious, it is quite possible to make straight walls, and if small, then, of course, you should do the closest to the roof.

To select the option of decorating the attic, it is necessary to determine whether this room is used for a whole year or only in the summer (in accordance with this they choose thermal insulation) and what functional purpose this attic has (rest and entertainment, bedroom, living room, nursery, cinema hall and so on ). Depending on the functional purpose, the finish is chosen, for example, for the nursery it is not solid and easily washing surfaces, and if you want to equip a cinema hall in the attic, you should use the finish that provides high -quality sound insulation. .