How to ensure the energy supply of your construction

For a person who wanted to build a private house, it is necessary to know that during the construction he will have to solve a lot of problems and tasks, both material and technical nature. At the same time, regardless of whether he builds the house on his own or for these purposes hires the staff of employees, the owner must know the technology of the correct implementation of any work related to the construction.

One of such tasks that almost every owner of a new private house may encounter is the energy supply of his construction. It is this issue that can confuse the most insanely -resistant developer, although the general principles of laying electrical wiring in a private house are not so complicated.

If we compare the wiring with the theater, then in order to engage in electrical wiring, you must first find the column of the gear line, which is located closest to the house. It is here that it is necessary to connect an introductory cable, from which there will certainly be a note of absolutely all sockets, as well as a lamp in your house. To figure out what kind of cable you need for this, it is necessary to take into account some factors, among which all have already been allocated two: the total capacity of the electrical appliances planned for use in the house, and the presence among them require a three -phase network.

Regardless of which option will be chosen, you should also take into account a large number of electric networks, but you do not need to count on the fact that the total power will be more than 35 – 40 kW. To connect, only a cable made of aluminum should be used. The cross -sectional area of ​​its cores directly depends on such an indicator as the planned load and is 10.16.25 mm 2.If your wiring is three -fuel, then with the same section the power should increase by almost 2 times.

If you take into account all modern requirements, then you should pay attention to the fact that all electrical wiring in the houses should be made using copper wires. In addition, all sockets in such rooms must be grounded, which is why three -wire wiring should be laid. It is not necessary to ground lamps if they are not located in buildings where the moisture level is very high or on the street. In addition, the lines of power outlets and the power lines of all devices that are designed to illuminate your house must be separated.

If you are all, you decided to resort to the help of professionals, and qualified builders and installers in a matter of minutes will deal with all the problems with the wiring.