How to ensure a stable air flow from the furnace

But the amount of this air is too insufficient to dry the entire amount of the cheese and therefore, the air is taken from the outside. In the upper layers, the outer air is always land and, therefore, more hygroscopic than on the surface of the ground. In high rooms, air is better dried than in sheds above the surface of the earth, and in the warm season you can freely use external air for drying. If your company needs wood products, then you can order it here: wood products. The influx of air heated from the furnace contributes to the fact that in the drying rooms there is a constant movement of air, which, by washing the raw, absorbs moisture. At the roof itself, moist air is removed by means of hatches and wooden pipes. For reliable protection against the cold in early spring and autumn, the drying room must be equipped with well -closed windows. When exchanging air, windows should only be opened on the leeward side, because, opening the windows from the opposite side, a significant amount of heat leaves unused. To transfer the cheese from the pressing room to the upper floors, there is an elevator from a vertical double chain driven from above and below toothed wheels. The movement is transmitted to the elevator from the drive from the upper floor. The elevator moves so slowly that one worker, when cutting, can lay a cheese on suspended bowls, while the other, located in the upper floor, removes the cheese from the elevator’s cups and puts on the trolleys or on the bowls of the conveyor moving in the literal direction. The latter consists of a hanging bicomels path made of corner iron and an infinite circuit on which at a certain distance there are gearparts hanging on small wheels. When passing loaded cups in incomplete drying shelves, workers remove the cheese and put it on the shelves.