How to determine whether the end of the construction of new buildings is close in Rivne?

Today, the sale of new buildings in Rivne is carried out at different stages of construction. At the same time, it is believed that the more the house is ready, the more chance that it will be completed and put into operation. This, of course, is so, but do not forget about those houses that are built less than half, because the apartments in them will cost much cheaper. If you show a little attentiveness and knowledge, you can choose a building, which in the first stages will indicate a favorable completion.

First of all, you should look at the indicator of the dynamics of construction work. It is not difficult to evaluate it. It is enough to visit the construction site of the chosen house at least once a month. Construction intensity can be evaluated visually not even a specialist. If the house rises 2-3 floors per month, then this is a good sign that will indicate the fast pace of construction of a new building smoothly. This applies to monolithic houses. The panel design should rise per month to 4-5 floors.

However, such an assessment will not be enough, because construction can be suspended for a month or a little more due to adverse weather conditions or due to a possible change of contractor. Pi the financial situation of the company will be in order, and the construction will continue. Therefore, it will be nice to chat with representatives of the company or its employees who are directly engaged in the construction. You should not be shy, because in order to buy an apartment in a new building in a smoothly profitable and efficiently, you need to find out as much information as possible and be annoying so that the company representatives see that this buyer is not indifferent to how the construction is going on and he will go to the end in his decision to purchase Really high -quality housing.

The main thing when choosing a new building is smooth – to remember that relying should be on real facts and believe your eyes, and not what the customer promises. If the house is built only by half, and the company promises that it will be ready in a few months, you should not accept its offer. A big advantage will be to visit the construction site before concluding an agreement on shared participation. It can say a lot about.

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