How to correctly organize space in an apartment

The old layout of secondary housing today is few. Narrow corridors with small kitchens and bathrooms cause irritation in modern people. The owners of apartments who have cash reserves and a supply of free time, as well as the desire to have spacious housing, are taken to remake the interior. Below are several examples for designing.

The walls should not be deaf and strong. Sometimes it is better to buy mobile screens. And then your design project is easily transformed from huge rooms to small ones, and from the bedroom to the hall. It is profitable to use farmers or glass partitions.

Plasterboard partitions do not have to be placed to the ceiling. For example, between the living room and the corridor it is best to put a mirror surface with a person’s growth. And a little higher let there be a regiment for hats.

Modern interior design involves fencing off the kitchen from the living room with a bar counter. Here you can use intricate elements. For example, falshot from drywall.

Book shelves without rear walls are a good material in order to fence off a cabinet or a game. You can place books or globe or toys on shelves.

The article can be the wallpaper between the kitchen and the dining room. Here you need to feel the style of the interior and you may need glassware or glass shapes. Shelves are best glazed on both sides.

They look original as a terrarium partition or aquarium. They will be remarkably able to divide the bedroom and office, as well as the hall and the living room. The transparency of the walls will help discover access to light and give liveliness to such a project.

Real flower pots will look cheap and angrily as a partition. It turns out a green curtain. This partition will help with the addition of oxygen your home, but will not be able to save from an extraneous noise of neighbors.