How to correctly lay the ceiling tile

You can install ceiling tiles only a prepared surface. If significant flaws are present on the ceiling, then remove them or hide them with the help of tiles not. The price of this product is in an acceptable range, so every consumer can afford its purchase. Use it for cladding of various rooms. Experts do not advise using it in those rooms where a high level of humidity.

As a raw material, foam or polyurethane foam is used for the manufacture of this product. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this case, polystyrene coatings have gained greater popularity, since they are much easier. And their cost is in an affordable range.

These materials are covered with a special film that imitates natural materials, and also protects it from damage. Polystyrene tiles are rectangular, as well as square. If non -laminated coatings are bought, then in the future they can be covered with water -based paint.

Before installing tiles, it is necessary to clean the surface of dust. In order to degrease it, you can use various solvents. If the surface is strongly coated, then the upper layer can be washed off with heat water. Then it must be covered with a primer. Polystyrene tiles can be fixed using ordinary PVA glue. Exfolved layers must be deleted. Otherwise, the tiles will begin to disappear from the ceiling.

Installation can be engaged in your own. This procedure does not require specialized knowledge or some equipment. In order for the ceiling to look attractive after repair, you can use ceiling skirting boards.