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How to correctly install the foundation and strengthen the soil

The foundation device at the site of a new location. The new foundation for the building in its upper outlines should be completely accurately responding to the measurements of the building from nature, while it is significantly important to take into account the fact that the basis, in contrast to the usual conditions of the gradual increase in the load, will be immediately loaded with a full weight of the structure. Thus, in this case, the precipitation of the soil will be faster and there is a slightly greater danger of uneven precipitation, if the foundations of the building are not calculated carefully enough and if the soil within the perimeter of the building is heterogeneous. As a result, it is desirable to calculate the area of ​​the base on the principle of obtaining the same precipitate, and not the same stresses.

With weak and heterogeneous soils, it may turn out to be appropriate to design the foundation in the form of a continuous reinforced concrete slab, since this reduces the possibility of uneven precipitation and the work on impending the building is greatly simplified.

Strengthening the soil of the traffic route, the nye path of the building of the building should be eliminated by any reasons that could give uneven siege of rail tracks. The surface of the soil is aligned and given in case of possibility to a horizontal plane, which can be achieved by laying a compacted bump from a layer of sand or other ballast materials.

The surface of the soil, in turn, is covered with a continuous flooring of boards (75-90 mm) or a layer of concrete (10-20 cm thick). In critical cases, concrete preparation is supplied with easy reinforcement.

From examples of American practice, we can conclude that for the pressure on the path of 0.5 – 0.8 kg/cm2, you can limit yourself to the use of wooden flooring; at a pressure reaching 1 -1.2 kg \ SMU, a concrete base is required; The highest pressure values ​​are considered undesirable to use as requiring more significant fastening.

In addition to the described techniques of strengthening the surface of the soil, some others can be used, such as silication or freezing (especially in winter).

Flooring and cages from bars. On the surface of the Earth prepared by the described method, the base for rail tracks, bars laid out with gaps (grillage) is laid out from the sleepers or bars), and with a high height – the type of cobblestone cells, t. e. layouts from the rows of bars alternately longitudinal and transverse direction.