How to connect a room and loggia correctly?

Our not very friendly climate does not make it possible to fully use loggias and balconies, but they can well be improved. There are many ways to turn the loggia into a cozy place – it can become a personal account, a winter garden, a children’s playground and even a place for storing clothing, if you turn it into an original dressing room. Each type of alteration can become exclusive, as well as the repair of the iPhone in a specialized service center.

Some tips for those who decided to annex the loggia

As you know, the loggia is part of the building that has impressive capital walls. Unlike it, the balcony is just a platform outside the house, which can only be glazed and no more. The design of the loggia is more suitable in order to attach it to the total meter of the apartment. To start work, it is necessary to obtain permission to carry out reconstruction, because in order to make out the wall under the window, you will have to order a project that will take into account the strengthening of the opening.

Next, you should draw up a plan for insulation of the loggia, in which it is necessary to take into account that not only the walls, but also the floor with the ceiling are subject to insulation. Typically, the walls of foam concrete are erected on the loggias, after which they are sheathed with a heater, vapor barrier is laid on top, and only after that they are produced or sheathed with plasterboard sheets. It should be remembered that the insulation of the loggia is ineffective if the heating device is not placed on it. It is strictly forbidden to endure the battery there, because the most acceptable option would be the installation of a warm floor.

Self -connection of the loggia to a living room is not an easy task, so it will be easier to contact specialists who are as simple today as the Apple Service Center, and resolve all issues of improvement with them already. The correctly joined loggia will not only increase the space of the living room, but also give additional amenities to the room, and heat, comfort and comfort will become indispensable components of the atmosphere in the converted room.