How to competently redraw an apartment?

To demolish the wall or combine the balcony with a room for many. Great temptation to call the team of builders and rush into the pool of creativity. The removal of construction garbage Kyiv has already been organized, so you can easily get rid of the remnants of at least all walls in the apartment. The main thing is not to bring down the ceiling on your head. And not only today, but also in the long run. By the way, redevelopment is not difficult!

Passport plans

The first stage of planning is to take the passport of the apartment and find out what your home actually rests on. Bearing walls will be marked with fat black lines. If the layout is open, this is a minimum of load -bearing walls, and those at the bathroom – you are lucky. If not, nothing will work out.

The bearing wall is the bone in the skeleton of the house. Before trying to do something with her, imagine that it was in your femoral bone that someone has made an “art redevelopment”. How much more can you go to the fracture?

In the same way the house. He will not fall right away, but after a few months or years there will appear cracks on the ceiling and walls. They try to fight with such damage, but still in any comparison with an untouched house, the strength of the housing after an unsuccessful redevelopment does not go.

Architecture and construction

To coordinate the redevelopment, you will have to develop a full -fledged project. Almost certainly, for this purpose, you will have to contact the architectural bureau. By the way, some of them help with the coordination.

The last stage is the actual appeal to the builders. Nice option – turnkey repair. The removal of construction garbage Kyiv, of course, has not been scary for a long time. But why do this work yourself, if there is someone to entrust it?