How to competently plan the redevelopment budget

Before planning the budget of the upcoming redevelopment or repair, it is important to calculate the cost of the design of the project. The services of the designer will not only save time and means, but also get the plan for the design of the premises carefully worked out to the smallest details. The specialist will graphically develop several interior options, calculate the number of necessary materials, and also compile construction documentation. This gives the client the opportunity to choose the most suitable option for decorating the room. The cost of the design project is calculated based on several indicators. Firstly, it froze the premises, the preparation of the measurement plan and the implementation of photography. These measures will help to avoid further problems with the inaccuracies of the layout on the drawings. Secondly, this amount includes the service of the author’s support for the designer. This allows you to achieve the maximum desired result in close contact between a specialist and the customer. The slightest details are discussed: the shape and color of the furniture, the materials from which it is made, the lighting elements, the style of the room, the color scheme of the general composition, etc. D. This item is the most important, since at this stage it is important to make not only the overall drawing and visualization of the interior, but also the drawings of all furniture and decor elements. Thirdly, a team of professionals is selected for the development work according to the developed plan, who will implement the joint idea of ​​the designer and the customer. Now among designers, work on 3D visualization of the project is popular among designers. This allows the client to see in advance how the room will look after the end of all work. The final cost of a design project depends on the volume of work and the complexity of work at the facility. Sometimes technical control over work is necessary, but it is not included in the standard set of services for the development of the design of the premises.