How to competently choose living plants for the office

Plants are an integral part of our life. They help us, residents of megacities, return to the natural environment, get a sip of clean air. But if we talk about the plants that adorn our rooms, then having them, you need to take into account the features of the currently relevant design landscaping. Today, in addition to the monster traditional for us, pelargonium and balsamines on the market there is a huge variety of indoor plants that can not only decorate our dwelling or office, but also bring comfort to it.

When choosing plants for rooms, it should be borne in mind that the nature and size of plant compositions are very diverse. Accordingly, they need to be selected on the specifics of the existing interior. The presence of double frames and window sills that are above the heating devices do not create the optimal environment for plant development. Today, vertical landscaping is more popular, in which plants are located on brackets, decorative lattices, glazed partitions and screens, which are used as supporting crawling and climbing plants. With the help of such devices, it becomes possible to divide the room into different zones.

In some rooms, niches, arched passes, window blocks are used as stands and supports.

Everyone perfectly understands that the new and modest office with the old furniture of the time of Stalin will not be trusted in either the company or the goods and services that it provides.

But if you already go to the office, in which the interior is harmoniously designed, and the furniture also harmoniously fits into the surrounding environment, starting from the reception and ending with the manager furniture, the client intuitively begins to understand that the company is strongly and stable “stands on his feet”.

Office furniture, which is very good, is only appreciated by appearance, but for people who work in the office table and do not leave the office chair all day, functionality is important for them so that there would be enough cabinets, stools, so that it is convenient And comfortable.

Do not forget that harmony in office furniture with a common interior is important. It will be very successful the option where the workplace is divided by zoning thanks to special partitions. With this, each employee will have its own space.

Do not forget that by showing care for your subordinates, you show yourself as a good leader. After all, do not forget that the work will be much more successful if their workplace is presentable and each has its own workspace, even use the partition.