How to competently change the old socket for a new

If you decide to replace the old outlet with a new one, you first should remove the lid of the outlet in order to understand what is the divisor. In the houses of the old building, metal units were often used to change. In the store, when choosing a socket, if you need to replace a metal unit, you should buy a plastic units that will approach a new outlet. Dividers have different shapes, under different Berker sockets, and in addition, under plaster and drywall. Just in case, you should purchase an indicator outlet – it costs inexpensively, but myst. Usually it is made of yellow, transparent plastic.

If the power outage is impossible, it is possible to reduce the replacement with electricity on. To do this, put on rubber gloves. Indicator screwdriver needs to find a wire with a phase, carefully insert it. The main thing is not to close the wires with zero and phase.

If you need to put a socket in a new place, you need a punch and a crown on concrete, if the walls in the room are brick or concrete. For drywall, a drill and a crown for a hypokarton are required, the diameter of which is suitable for the divisor. The hole should be drilled and first put the unit, and then the socket itself. The wires from the new outlet can be connected to the nearest old outlet.