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How to choose the right stretch ceiling?

If you want to independently install stretch ceilings in your house, then this article will certainly become interesting for you. Here you will learn how to choose a high -quality canvas for your stretch ceiling. It’s quite easy to do, but you need to consider some very important points.

So, choosing a stretch fabric, you should check the following parameters:

The material of the canvas. The cheapest and most practical is the canvas of PVC film. Those who are ready to spend on the ceiling can purchase a canvas from fabric. This is a very beautiful and exclusive type of ceiling decoration, which will decorate and complement any interior.

The texture of the canvas. It can be glossy, matte or fabric. You must choose the texture that is ideal for your interior. Opening the Stoimost tab, you can order a high -quality stretch ceiling at the most affordable prices.

The method of attaching the stretch fabric on the ceiling. Depending on this parameter, the canvases are divided into those that have a seamless mount and those that are connected using a special bar. The former are the most reliable and easy to install. The second type of canvases is cheaper, but you will have to spend a large amount of time and effort on installation. In terms of service life, these canvases are no different from each other.

Design and shade of the canvas. Here you can choose the canvas that will appeal. To date, a huge number of colors and drawings for canvases have been developed. You can choose the color that you like and is good for the entire decoration of your home.

Good choice and high -quality repair!