How to choose the right solidopted boiler for the house?

A solid fuel boiler is a universal solution for your country house or cottage. With it, you can warm your house to be not worried about such factors as electricity, gas, etc.

A solid fuel boiler “accepts” various types of firewood, coal and other materials and it seems nothing different from the stove, but this is not so. It has a lot of different functions.

Now we will talk about the right choice of a solid fuel boiler. Solid fuel boiler can be made of steel or cast iron. In each such boiler there is a hole where firewood is put, a combustion chamber, a chimney, a place where the ash lies, a smoke regulator and sometimes the lighting that no one needs. Although in almost all boilers it is.

The cast -iron boiler is very well transmitted to heat in order to heat it time, it is not very susceptible to the environment where it is located. And this is a huge plus because servicing money needs less. A cast -iron boiler will serve you for a long time because it is almost not amenable.

Steel boiler with solid fuel is very good. Steel more or less well conducts heat – rather than cast iron, and therefore the boilers are placed in protective structures. Steel boilers are attractive and are cheaper than cast -iron.

One of the most asked questions when buying a boiler: what will you drown? It is very important.

Boilers are divided into: coal (you can drown only types of coal, cast -iron boiler), wood (steel boiler, very effective, electricity is not used), “omnivorous” (the most popular, cast -iron, very powerful and electricity do not require), gas generator (very a complex system that works using electricity), pellet (burn sawdust and others. using electricity).

You need to choose the power of the boiler depending on the area of ​​your construction.

Wish you luck!