How to choose the right exercise bike?

Quite often the first criterion when selecting the simulator is its appearance and size. According to the user position, such simulators are divided into a couple of types – horizontal, as well as vertical. The design of the second, in most cases, allows you to save money well as the cost of the device, as well as in the most useful space. Such a simulator is suitable for those who have no problems associated with the spine. The rest of the Cikes provide great comfort and allow, as they say, to combine a pleasant business with a useful task, for example, read a book and at the same time pedal. It should be taken into account who will engage in, and with what intensity training will be carried out. For example, there are various models for different ages, physical condition, height and weight. For all this, there are separate selection criteria. If you saw a good model, but you cannot afford it, then you do not need to despair, because the bike can easily be purchased. In general, the frame, saddle, pedal and steering wheel are the main components that determine the appearance, level of comfort during operation, as well as the reliability of the exercise bike. Particular attention should be paid to what method of fastening the sensors of the heartbeat. For example, according to users’ reviews, those sensors that are designed for fastening on the ear is enough as much as they are convenient. When selecting an exercise bike, the most important moment is also a flywheel – the larger, the more smooth the course of pedaling will be. We should not forget that one of the main factors in the selection of the simulator may be its cost. In most cases, it depends on the manufacturer, on the availability of some functions, as well as accessories. This may be all kinds of adjustments or type of bicycle ergometer, it is mechanical or electronic. It is understandable that under existing conditions, you should make your choice in favor of a model with a good brand. The cheapest exercise bikes are in the price category of 10,000 rubles and a little more. But, be sure, you will need to look for a long time in order to find a good model in this category. Take a closer look at products from Cybex. She has a good ratio of price and quality.