How to choose crushed stone

Everyone who wants his house to be beautiful and comfortable knows that for this you need to make a lot of effort and money. But of course you can save a bit if such procedures yourself. But for this you need to own considerable knowledge. You even need to know about what material and for what purposes is intended. And you also need to know how to choose quality material. And it doesn’t matter whether it is cement, or brick.

If you decide to finish the outer walls using crushed stone, then in this case you will have to choose the right. What is this material? Crushed stone, these are crushed parts of the rocks. Such material has been used in construction for many years.

When choosing crushed stone, first of all, you need to pay attention to its density. As a rule, the average should be approximately 1.4-3 fuel and lubricants3. The higher the density of such a material, the longer it can serve. And you will not need to worry that he can crumble into small parts. Also, together with this indicator, a compression brand is also distinguished. This indicator is determined even when compressing the rock itself. If you want to purchase a gravel crushed stone 5 20 for installing paths on the site, then you can order it in an online store at a good price.

The next important indicator of such a material is the bream. It indicates what degree of plane the material has. There are several types of breaming. Each type has its own purpose. If we take, for example, cuboid gravel, then it is considered the best for making drainage.