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How to choose a high -quality impregnation for concrete

Concrete is in high demand in the role of material for the arrangement of sex. It is available on a price with one side, and on the other has increased strength and makes it possible to get a reliable and strong base. But it is worth remembering about the shortcomings of the material. First of all, dusting and destruction under the influence of the environment refers to them. Modern impregnations for the concrete floor allow you to get rid of these shortcomings.

The aggressive influence of the environment sometimes becomes the main reason for the destruction of the outer layer of the base. Various salts and substances, water, mechanical influences lead to the destruction of the concrete coating, they form as a result of cracks, chips and other defects. In your free time you can learn more about Gerchik 2014.

This all leads to a decrease in the operation period and an increase in the probability of injury. The cost of repairing the coating is also increased. This is able to lead to a complete stop or slowdown of work, and the use of impregnations, milking concrete, significantly reduces the speed of destruction.

Speaking about the weaknesses of concrete, you cannot help but mention dusting. It arises conceived due to the low strength of the upper cement layer. During operation, under the influence of loads, the base is abrasion and silicon dust appears on it.