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How to choose a heater in different thickness: what to take into account

In winter, approximately 20% of heat goes through the window. Of course, the easiest way to insulate your home is to put new double -glazed windows, if possible, of course. But sometimes finances do not allow. In this case, the windows will have to be insulated. Когда щели маленькие можно пользоваться для этих целей поролоновыми, бумажными и самоклеящими уплотнителями.

To seal gaps no more than 5 mm, sealants on glue and silicone basis are used, since they are resistant to low temperature and high humidity, have a large gamut of colors, good sound qualities – and dust insulation. There are shortcomings: after a certain time, small cracks are formed, through which it passes warmly, in the spring it is difficult to remove it.

Когда зазоры большие можно использовать монтажную пену, но она плохо переносит колебания температуры и к весне меняется цвет, начиная крошиться.

To date, the most modern way of warming windows is tubular profiles. Gaskets are made from various materials.

Insulation made on the basis of PVC are resistant to frost and deformation. There are also rubber seals, they are resistant to various phenomena and can last up to 5 years.

If you decide to use modern tubular profiles, then window insulation is carried out at a temperature above zero. They differ in form if you look at the end of the cut edge. The most used profile in the form of the letter E, it is suitable for narrow cracks. For large clearances, seals in the form of D and P are used in a figurative shape. This profile does not cause much trouble, it glues well to one side of the frame. If necessary, you can use the window without fear of insulation tightness disturbances. A prerequisite for such a profile to serve longer, it must be glued at an air temperature of at least +10 degrees.

Self -adhesive heaters are convenient to use: you just have to remove the film that closes the sticky surface and glue the insulation to the window frame around the perimeter.

Insulations are of different thicknesses. Insulation, which will not hold warmth in your home less than a gap in the frame. And a larger insulation will not give the frames normally to the frames. To decide on this, take a piece of plasticine and place it between the window and the frame, close the window, open and get the cast of the desired size.

You can do the most inexpensive and old way of warming the windows for the winter on your own – clog all the gaps with a damp newspaper, and stick strips of paper lubricated in advance with soapy water on top of everything. However, with this method it will not be possible to open windows in winter. In the spring, you will have to paint the frames again, what is this method for you, it is better to use modern seals.

You can also stick a thin transparent film on the glass, of course in stores to find a problem. If you are lucky to buy such a film, stick it carefully on the glass, smoothing it out that there are no bubbles with air.

Attention should be paid to the general condition of the frames, restore them and they will last you for more than one year. You noticed that there are chips on the frames and falling knots, so take up the job. Small damage is treated with putty, and large ones with wooden inserts.

To do this, with the help of a hacksaw, make cuts near Patryin, and cut down a chisel wood, giving it a rectangular shape with even edges. Take a wooden insert, slightly larger than the size of the selected and carefully clog it, previously lubricated it with glue.

Elements of the frame in deplorable state, it is necessary to replace. After all this, to protect against fungus and mold, the tree is treated with an antiseptic.