How to choose a glass door for a home sauna

Many are interested in the question of where it is best to build a sauna. A place is suitable that will not have walls output. Condensation will form on the wall, but you can get rid of it. Before building, you need to make a ventilated layer, it is easily done, you will need to cover the wall with boards, and sew the crate on top. Chatter is a design of boards, bars, poles and other wooden material. It will not be superfluous to find out about the services of the Journalfundament-Dlya-Cottedzha/30 site. This information is very useful.

After you have decided on the place where you will have a sauna, you need to sheathe its walls with wood, such trees like: linden or aspen are well suited for this.

There should be no windows in the sauna, but if you are frightened by the isolation of the room, then the door can be made glass. In order for the air to heat up, you need a stove, you can use an electric furnace in a home sauna by placing it at the entrance. In order not to violate air circulation, on the opposite wall you can make a ventilation hole. Remember that the air should change 4-5 times in one hour of your stay in the sauna, for more comfortable stay in it.

Before you start creating your home sauna, we advise you to contact a professional designer, with the wrong construction, your sauna can become a source of infections and diseases. Therefore, it is worth treating this with responsibility.

Remember that in addition to an electric furnace, it is necessary to install several different items and accessories in the sauna, for example: thermometer, hygrometer, clock, hooks and much more.