how to “care” for the sink correctly?

Washbuilder in the bathroom

Washbank is something without which it is simply unrealistic to imagine a bathroom. This subject uses, perhaps, even more often than other elements of plumbing. Because of which it is also polluted faster. But every morning we want to see a snow -white shell with a pedestal or on a cabinet that pleasantly wash ourselves. And our guests want to wash their hands in a clean sink, and not coated. Therefore, it is worth paying enough attention to the cleaning process.

It does not matter, or your washbasin is installed on the nightstand, or you have a sink with a pedestal, or maybe a miniature suspension option is attached to the wall – in any case, the sink should be clean. And to achieve this, it is only enough:

– regularly clean. If you wash the sink on a regular basis, with a frequency of a maximum of one week, then you can forget about the raid, yellowing and other unattractive characteristics. With such a success you will always meet a snow -white washbasin. And even after years, he will look like new.

– use correct detergents. Various “chemistry” for washing plumbing contains many harmful substances. Of course, this cannot be completely avoided, since in particular, it is precisely due to this that you can turn the sink with a plaque into a snow -white bowl. But, nevertheless, try to buy funds with minimal M toxic products.

Consider the “similarity” of the product with the material from which the sink with the pedestal is made. For example, if it is a sink from Geberit from acrylic, then there are many options. But for stone products there are already their own, special means.

It is also very important in the process to ensure sufficient ventilation of the room. For example, you can turn on the hood at full power so that the evaporation from poisons “left” as quickly as possible.

– choose the right “tools” for cleaning. For high -quality cleaning of the washbasin, it is worth buying good brushes. They, firstly, should not scratch the surface, causing microcracks. And, secondly, they should, at the same time, carefully clean the sink. So choose the brushes of medium stiffness.

You also need a washcloth or sponge that absorbs water. In addition, do not forget about gloves. This is not only protecting the hands from the harmful effects of chemical elements in cleaning products, but also the key to preserving beautiful skin and nails. Due to no dryness and spoiled manicure.