How to calculate the parameters of the garage and the number of work

Repair in the apartment is always a laborious and quite long process. And the repair or construction of the extension in a private house is the same process doubly. But, not less, when, if not during the repair, we open such creative abilities and talent of the designer as under any other circumstances. Maybe not everything will turn out at once, as we plan, or we see in our imagination, but, still, we will be pleased to watch, and show our guests the results of the introduction of our creative ideas.

If you want to attach a garage to the house, then, first of all, you need to calculate how much brick is needed for a garage. This is easy to do, knowing the sizes of one brick and the size of the alleged garage. The total length of the wall must be divided into the length of the brick, and its height is to the height of one brick. In the first case, you will find out how many bricks you will have in one row, and in the second – how many rows are expected. Multiplying these two numbers, you get the number of bricks. To be more accurate and take into account the seams, you need to add approximately 10 mm to the height and length of each brick. In addition, do not forget to “throw” another 5% for brick fighting.

Having dealt with the garage in the yard, you can start repairing in the house itself. You can find interesting ideas for repairs on the Internet or in a magazine, you can apply some subtleties from the previously seen by neighbors or friends, remaking something in your own way. It all depends on your preferences and on which, in which style you want to see your home. If the house is old enough, then maybe you should not reduce everything at once. For example, if the floors are wooden and well preserved, then they can simply be restored by removing old paint and covering with parquet varnish. The same can be said about the doors. A little fantasy and time – and you can get great doors in the style of country. Of course, it is much easier to buy new materials without making efforts and not trying to restore something. But the restored tree looks much better and gives the whole house a special style.

The same can be said about wooden furniture. Nowadays, on the Web, you can find a lot of tips on this subject from real restoration masters. The restored piece of furniture can become a highlight of any room. A simple restoration of a chest of drawers or a buffet, even the restoration of a small bedside table or chair can become a fascinating occupation in which the whole family will participate.

Do not be afraid to create, craft, attach and, thus, turn your house into a real house of your dreams!