How to buy an apartment from a developer

It is necessary to study a huge number of new buildings offered by developers, evaluate their housing, weighing all the pros and cons of. This will help, ultimately, finally decide which new building to buy. So, the new building is most often located in various areas of the city. In addition, we can talk about entire quarters, or about the individual buildings with the so -called point development.

Buying an apartment from a developer

What is important to decide even before the selection of housing?

Think about what infrastructure features are most important to you. Perhaps you want the school to be nearby or you are attracted to the proximity of the shopping center.

Features of the acquisition of housing


Transport denouement is one of the most important factors of comfort in your future dwelling. Be sure to evaluate it.

Search for housing in a new building

Before purchasing housing in a new house, you can search for real estate in one of two ways. We are talking about what you can look for yourself, or resort to the help of various real estate agencies. Both options have their own shortcomings and pluses. When searching through the agency, you can get offers that have already been withdrawn from the sale by the developers themselves. You will also have the opportunity to purchase an apartment in a newly built house, which the agency wants to sell on individual rights. In the case of an independent search, such that you will find an option of a significantly low price, for example, from investors, or you will find an apartment “first -hand”, in other words, you can buy an apartment from the developer . In this version, buyers, as a rule, consult with realtors to find out how to check for the presence of “hidden places” by the developer. It will also be useful to find out some information about the developer before buying. One such consultation with a competent realtor will help clarify the situation in the market, giving the necessary information and a bridgehead for more confident subsequent actions.

What is important to take into account


At the stage of construction of housing in a new building, you can buy it, for example, even at the stage of erasing the pit or until the house is commissioned. Prices at all stages of construction will vary.

Buying at the construction stage


Before buying an apartment in the primary residential real estate market, you should think about that it is important for you in the future home and generally at the place of residence and only then proceed with the choice. This approach will help to form housing selection criteria.

How to buy an apartment from a developer