How to build arches between columns

To build arches, the frame is laid inside the columns. Holes with a diameter of 12 mm are drilled in the basement. For work, use a perforator. A ribbed reinforcement with a diameter of 12 mm is placed in the holes.

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The reinforcement needs to be fixed so that it does not leave. To do this, put on the rods a square of 120×120 mm in size from reinforcement 6 mm. The frame is covered with brick, forming a column. After the column of the desired height, concrete is poured inside. The solution is prepared from cement, sand and gravel, mixing components in a proportion of 1: 1: 5.

The ends of the reinforcement should stick out at 150-200 mm. When pouring columns, do not reach the top by 300-400 mm. A 100 mm corner is placed in the column, after which the rest of the space is filled with concrete. The ends of the reinforcement are welded to the corner so that the frame is strong.

To arrange the arch, first make a wooden template. It should be 5 mm less than the distance between the columns. If you make a template back, it will be difficult to remove it when it swells from moisture. Take sheets of chipboard and cut out circled. The bars are cut into the desired width and chipped a template. DVP is filled on top to smooth the surface of the template.

Puffs on the frame are closed with brickwork. Arches are faced with brick and on the outer and inside. The sinus between the front and the inner brick is poured with concrete.