How to build an oval pool

For the construction of the pool, you will need a wire of 6-8 mm and concrete. To build the formwork, use a rubber plane or plywood. Waterproofing is performed using plaster or hydraulic cement.

The first thing to do is to decide on the place under the pool. Then they dig a hole and arrange two trenches to lay the water supply and drain. Polyethylene film is laid on the bottom, fix it in the upper part of the pit and fall asleep with sand with the ground.

Then build the frame to the top level of the soil. If the pool is placed above the ground level, the frame is increased to the desired height. After creating the frame, they begin to collect the formwork. During the construction of the oval form, the formwork may consist of segments. Before the construction of the formwork, it is necessary to draw a scheme. Between the soil and the formwork, the space should remain about 25-30 cm.

Then pour the bottom of the bowl with concrete. Pre -installed nozzles for draining and supplying water, so that then the concrete does not have to drill. A few days after pouring concrete, the formwork is removed and the walls are plastered. Water is brought to the pool and the taps are installed for its overlap.

For the decoration of the pool, you can use mosaic tiles. Cladding is performed from top to bottom. The end of the pool is also laid out with tiles.

Thanks to the use of new materials, some building processes have been greatly simplified and do not require high qualifications from performers. So to align the walls with the RotBand does not represent any difficulties even to beginners. You can buy this plaster on the site inexpensively.