How to build a wooden change house with your own hands on the site

If you have just begun to master your country area, then the purchase of a small wooden change house where you can store things would be the right decision. Moreover, you can buy a change house right on the Internet. They are sold standard sizes and delivered to the desired address. The assembly of the household is usually carried out directly in the production or at the summer cottage.

The dimensions of such a household premises are modest: at least 2×2, and a maximum of 8×2 meters. However, there are more large -scale rooms. They are sold with windows and doors, without finishing inside and painting outside. If you plan to save the change house after building a house, it is better to order it with partitions, a small veranda or porch. If funds allow, it would be nice to buy one where shower and toilet are provided, a small sink, as well as compartments for storing firewood or tools. The household should not be too crowded for one person. It is best to choose the average in size option where you can not only place things, but also accommodate yourself. By the way, there are cabins with two and three rooms. This is a full -fledged small house where even a small family can fit.

Such a house is placed on screw piles, and therefore it does not suffer from rain or snow. It is quite possible to spend the night in such a place in the summer, but in the winter it is not, because the walls of the change house are very thin and most often without insulation. The roof of the household should be strong, since expensive tools (including electric) can be stored inside, and they should not be poured with water. You can choose a house whose roof will be gable, because in this case, snow and water will drain down, and not accumulate on the roof.

Since cabins are made of wood, the walls and floor will need to be treated with an antiseptic. This will help to avoid the appearance of the fungus, as well as the smell of mold in the room. For beauty, the change house can be sheathed with lining or other material.