How to build a reliable and durable fence

The construction of any private house begins with the construction of a reliable fence. Unlike those times when fences were built from the material that could be obtained, today’s building materials market offers a large selection of solutions. Before building, first of all, the design of the future fence for giving is determined. In this case, a choice is made in favor of a particular material. You can choose from wood, bricks, nets, plastic nets or profiled sheet.

Corrugated board is considered one of the cheapest building materials for the construction of fences. Despite his recent appearance, the corrugated person has already managed to gain consumer trust.

The modern fence from corrugated board has high strength and durability. Various experiments and experiments conducted with profiled sheets showed an excellent coefficient of blocking sound waves. For owners of sites located near road routes or production complexes, this property may become a decisive. In addition, such a fence is easy to install and has an attractive appearance. You can choose a certain color from a large variety offered by manufacturers. In order to independently choose among many sentences, a solution that is best suited, you need to be able to navigate in the types of material. You need to have an idea of ​​the device of such fences and the technological process of their installation.

Types of corrugated board

This material is obtained by specially cold rental of steel sheets and cutting them on the plates of the desired size. The coating is selected from two options – galvanizing, or a thin layer of polymer. There is also a combined version – galvanized steel covered with a polymer film. In addition to its anti -corrosion properties, this option has an attractive appearance.

Types of sheets of metal profile:

C – for the construction of fences and fences. The corrugated board of this type can also be lined with the frame of the walls of the buildings.

H – this type is used to arrange roofs and other roof elements.

SN – a universal type used for various purposes.

The above types of corrugated board, despite the brand of material, are made of a profiled sheet of trapezoidal wave section. Different types are distinguished by the height of the wave and the thickness of the sheet used. The thickness of the sheet is selected equivalent to the perceived load.