How to build a pool yourself

In summer cottages, the pool is often used not only for bathing, but also for watering soil. Therefore, it is recommended to place the structure as close as possible to the water supply. There should not be a lot of vegetation on the site where the pool will be built. Do not build too large a pool, as it is difficult to fill.

First you need to determine the boundaries of the building. For marking the site, pegs and cord are used. When making a pit, you need to leave allowances in width and depth of 40-50 cm. The total depth of the pit should be 1.3-1.6 m. To make the design durable, the walls of the pit are evaded 3-7 degrees outward. This will help prevent the possible sowing of the soil.

Then it is required to compact the soil at the bottom of the pit and lay a layer of sand 30 cm thick. Ruberoid is laid on top. The material should protrude a little beyond the walls of the pool bowl. A tin, plastic or wooden formwork is installed along the perimeter of the structure. Liquid concrete is poured between the formwork and the wall of the soil. To strengthen the walls use a steel grid. A mesh of wire with a cell size of 20×20 cm is placed in a non -wire solution. The intersection of the rods must be tied with wire.

You also need to lay the water supply in concrete to equip the water flow. After the solution hardens, the formwork is dismantled. The walls of the pool must be covered with a mixture of cement with water. To strengthen the bottom, a grid is placed in concrete. It is laid on the fitting stones. The bottom is made with a one -way bias, as it facilitates the care of water. From this side, a pipe for draining equipped with a water floor is mounted. The end of the pipe must be directed to a pit designed for water drainage. The depth of the pit should be sufficient so that the water easily goes into the ground.

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