How to build a good hotel?

One of the most important issues arising after the solution to build a hotel is the choice of a place for the structure. It is the place that is largely determined by the specialization of the hotel. When determining the construction site, you should pay attention to the following factors:

– remoteness from the city center and the availability of transport interchanges;

– the presence of reservoirs, parks, natural or historical attractions;

– the state of ecology at the construction site;

– Lack of competitors nearby.

Hotel design is the next step. When creating a project of the institution, it must be borne in mind that modern hotels not only provide tourists with quality rest, but also offer a number of additional services: entertainment and spa centers, restaurants and bars, playing and sports grounds, pools and beaches. At the design stage, it is necessary to take into account all types of engineering communications (electricity, gas, water, etc.), decide on the capacity of the institution, as well as the main clientele: businessmen, vacationers with children, foreign guests. Particular attention is required by the design of hotel complexes, including additional recreation and entertainment zones, as well as more expanded infrastructure (garages, parking spaces). Accordingly, designing inexpensive hotels of an economy class Olginka is much easier than four-five-five hotels.

When designing hotels for businessmen, it is necessary to ensure a high level of safety of premises, as well as the availability of reliable quality communication and high -speed Internet. For foreign tourists, many trifles should be provided, from Euro -roses to the reception 24.

During the construction of the hotel, the material used is of great importance. For example, from foam concrete you can build a building with a height of no more than three floors, but the construction will take a little time and cost relatively inexpensive. For the construction of hotels in the recreation area, wood is perfect, the buildings from which are environmentally friendly and look spectacular. For the construction of mini-hotels, brick is most often used, as well as wood.

After the approval of the project, work begins on the preparation of the construction site, after which the construction of the foundation, the construction of walls, laying engineering networks and finishing work begins. Upon completion of the construction of the building, the surrounding territory is put in order.