How to breathe spring into a private house: what needs to be done

When there is a wonderful May in the yard, everything begins to wake up, and the air is clean and fresh that you want something magical, fresh and new to bring to your house. And not just put in a vase a spring flower or a twig of an apple tree with blossomed flowers, but also decorate some corner in the house in a special way. We suggest you consider more than a dozen options how to update your interior in a spring.

Spring in retro style

All the residents of the retro style style, both in clothes and home interior, can be offered to lean a simple wheel against the whitewashed wall, it is preferably wooden and decorate this “still life” with vases with a twig of a blossoming apple tree. Blue vases on a white background and ancient envelopes with postcards will look very beautiful. But you can also use any other options that are close to retro design: green glass, matte glass, fixed clay pots and other options.

Cup-fixer curtains

If your favorite cup cracked or broke off in the part where its bottom, then this is a great option to use it as a latch for kitchen curtains. To do this, it is enough just to nail the nail to the wall by the window, to “clean” the hole of the bottom of the cup from Zazubin with a drill and a drill slightly. Then just hang the cup by its handle on the nail, and stick the curtain through the cup itself. It will turn out a very original design.

A cup of abundance

You can make with your own hands a completely original design of a cup and saucer. But you have to work hard. First of all, you need to connect a saucer with a cup with a tight and thick wire, so that the position of the cup is over a saucer. To do this, in the bottoms of the dishes, two holes are made neatly with a drill, for which wire will be attached. The structure should be adjusted so that it is stable.

Then the wire frame is turned up by artificial colors using universal glue, silicone or plasticine. If the design is bad, then you can make it suspended by hanging it in a convenient place by the handle of the cup.

Tender lilies of the valley

A very simple and delicate option for decoration for the interior is a simple vase of any container in which artificial lilies of the valley are placed.

Light background and cacti

Fans of cacti in the house will be very interesting to see how to use and beat the white background and the plants themselves. Such a contrast always serve as a winning option for decorating a house in the spring. Of course, it will be most convenient to embody this idea only after repair, where you leave part of the wall, floor or furniture shelf white, and against their background there will be light pots with white pebbles over the ground and charming cacti.

Simple and fun

Any vases, bottles, decanters – everything that can go beyond the vase, paint randomly paints on the glass and set vases on the windowsill – you get a very cheerful and simple refreshing design.