How to arrange a floor in a garage correctly

Almost every modern average family has at least one car. And this means that it is necessary to resolve the issue of building a place of storage for him near the house or on the cottage area. And if the material for the construction of walls and roof is already chosen, then do not forget about the flooring.

Since the garage, as a rule, has to be used daily and more than once, often in addition to a place for a car, a workshop for locksmith and carpentry work can be arranged in it. Consequently, the floor in the garage should have strength characteristics, withstand physical activity and be resistant to the influence of substances from oil products and other negative environmental factors. But if the attic is also equipped over the garage, which can often be found in summer cottages, then you need to think about the flooring for this room. Because in most cases it is used as a residential.

But, in order to choose the right floor covering for these rooms, you can see options for ready-made solutions on Garazh-S-Mansardoj/, which shows a description of the construction of such garages with rooms. If earlier, concrete floors were equipped in garages, which were not a sample of wear resistance, then at present there are more strong and aesthetically attractive flood floors, floor ceramic tiles. However, regardless of the selected option, it will be necessary to prepare the base of the floor for their installation.

If the floor is planned to be directly equipped on the ground, then all work should be carried out sequentially. As the first layer, sand or gravel is used, having a thickness of 10-20 cm, tamping it well. On top of it, concrete is poured with a layer not exceeding 10 cm. Then there is a waterproofing layer made of film or similar material. For insulation, you can use ten -centimeter thickness of inexpensive foam or polystyrene foam and t. P. And the last step is made by a screed on which you can lay the tile, giving the floor a pleasant, aesthetic appearance.