Home construction

How the boiler houses are designed

The construction of a private house is a rather difficult matter. And one of the most difficult stages is the device of the heating system, because the comfort of living depends on this, as well as the level of heating costs. In accordance with the legislation, in order to obtain permission to build such a structure, it is necessary to comply with a number of requirements. First of all, the design of boiler houses is carried out.

The main varieties

For private houses, several types of boiler rooms have been developed. The most common classifications by type of coolant and location. According to the first criterion, the following types of boiler equipment are distinguished:


liquid fuel;

solid fuel;



As for the placement of such structures, boiler houses can be separately standing or built -in. In addition, they can be made in the form of a separate extension to the house. There are also block-modular structures. These power plants are mobile and are located in special containers.

Design process

It must be immediately noted that the design of the boiler room is best entrusted with a special organization. This will help to avoid mistakes, the correction of which will require additional financial costs. The customer requires a technical task in which the list of wishes for the device of such a structure will be indicated.

Project development involves a certain sequence of actions. At the first stage, the main parameters of boiler equipment are calculated, after which the necessary devices are selected. Then the working drawings are performed that complement the explanatory note. The last step is the approval and delivery of the project. As a result, customers receive a set of documentation made in full accordance with regulatory requirements. This allows you to successfully undergo state examination and get permission to build a boiler room.