How not to forget about the safety of residents during the repair

Repair in the bathroom is a very responsible business, because it is in the bathroom that very high humidity. And in combination with high humidity, it is important to remember that your bathroom will have electrical appliances, so the wiring should be reliable.

If you want to make repairs in the bathroom with your own hands, then you need to prepare well. First of all, you need to pay attention to the high moisture resistance of materials purchased for repairing your new bath and to their quality.

So you start repairs. It is very important not to rush and do deliberate actions. In order to remove the old washbasin, toilet and a bath, you will need a plumbing help, which will definitely need to be called to secure and further planning of actions related to plumbing. Further, given that your new bathroom will have a washing machine, lighting for a mirror or point lighting on the ceiling you need an electrician who can control these things. And this is the basis of the repair. Also, if you make repairs in a private house, you will need to somehow pump water, for example

Approaching the most important stage of your repair, when you need to use new materials, usually the actions begin with laying tiles on the floor in the bathroom. Many owners prefer to lay heating elements under the tile, which will make your floor to the bathroom with heating. Next, the walls of the walls take place, given all the flaws of how the new bath, the bidet, the toilet and the washing machine, as well as the washbasin are located, you must certainly monitor the desired holes and cuts in laying tiles on the wall. After the work performed, it is necessary to install all the plumbing and all the necessary equipment in your bathroom, and then ending the repair of your bath, to nail the lining to wooden beams made of wood, which will serve as a skeleton for cladding lining, make the necessary cuts for point lighting in the lining and complete the work with the work with ceiling. The final step will be the installation of the door to the bathroom. It is very important that the materials of which the door is processed have a moisture repulsive properties.

Also do not forget about the intricacies of the repair and safety of residents. Remember that the washing machine must be grounded, and the wiring is better to use copper, since the latter has the best indicators compared to aluminum wiring. But remember that aluminum wiring should not be intertwined with copper, this is dangerous by ignition in the joints.

And the most important rule of which each owner should remember, it sounds like this: measure seven times – cut off once.